Saturday, July 07, 2007

Creative Hiatus

This blog was founded on the idea of putting up work everyday. At the point when I started, my work seemed to be going in a clear direction, and the blog made sense. Taking a couple of workshops, however, has caused me to take a fairly lengthy creative pause. Not that this time has been unproductive. Its just that to assimilate these ideas, critique them and then come out the other end with something that is valid and not derivative takes time. I have had to do a lot of calligraphy that would make no sense to anyone else. Working through the ramifications of the things like the differences between drawing and writing - and the results really are not pretty. I am hoping to get to the point where it will make sense to post work again fairly soon, but I don't think it can be daily. Just too busy at present at work.
Nevertheless, I can recommend the idea of a creative hiatus. The point at which things seem to be ticking along nicely is maybe a point to be on guard. Is the work getting complaisant? Is it getting formulaic? Well, hopefully I'll be back with some new stuff soon. And hopefully it will have a good rationale behind it.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Normal Transmission delayed some more

Apologies to Sam and others who are wondering what happened. The last few weeks have been completely given over to renovations, and we now have visitors staying. Hopefully will be back into blogging mode by the 20th.