Saturday, November 11, 2006


Whilst the concept of a weekend is not one that a daily blog can engage with, weekends as a whole are something one has a primal urge to enjoy. Sleep, relaxation, house maintenance, the lawn, the carwash, not to mention paying at that altar of consumerism – the mall – all call. In fact, two days is hardly enough to do all the things that society expects of one, so I am firmly of the opinion that we should work a 10 hour day, and then have a three day weekend. That would mean three solid days for the weekend, one of which might actually include sitting reading a book, or getting a solid period of time to follow through with a calligraphic idea. Sadly, I cannot see all those employers who routinely exact extra hours out of their employees allowing legislation that would enforce a 40 hour week, but wouldn’t it be nice if weekends could actually evoke the swing of this piece, instead of one arriving at Sunday evening in a breathless state and with a myriad of good intentions still unfulfilled.

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