Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gerald Hadlow

It is strange how it is possible to be deeply affected by the death of someone one has met only once. However, in Gerry Hadlow’s case, whilst our paths crossed on one occasion, I have, over the years, corresponded with him and enjoyed his writings for our calligraphy magazine and on Cyberscribes. Gerry (or, officially, Canon Gerald Hadlow) was killed in a car accident on Wednesday, along with his wife and their pet dog. It is very hard to think of such a vital and energetic life being snuffed out in a second. Gerry exemplified everything you could want in a calligrapher – passion, enthusiasm, humility and a deep desire to learn. He had a huge impact in his community of Rotorua, both in his activities as priest and police chaplain, and as an advocate for calligraphy. He seemed to me to live life fully, and would, I hope, appreciate me taking big risks in terms of alphabet, ink and paper when writing his name. My sense of Gerry was that he did not believe in half measures. New Zealand calligraphy will miss him.

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This is gorgeous!