Monday, November 13, 2006


If I remember rightly, there is a saying that “a change is as good as a rest”. How you react to change, and how restful you find it, is a very good indicator of character. Do you seek change, embrace it and like it in large doses? Or do you, like me, prefer change that evolves? Actually I like it best when the evolution is so seamless you don’t notice the jumps. Not quite like this piece, but something along the same lines (a good calligrapher’s phrase). Unfortunately, sometimes there is no option but to accept change and make it your friend. George Bush would be well advised to do this right now. Of course, looking at the American situation gives us a clue as to why some of us resist change. If we instigate change, we call it 'innovation'. 'Change' is usually something that is done to us by a third party. So I guess our approach to change tells us something of how much we want to be in control of things. Me a control freak? Hmmmm.


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